PSC Staff + Lifeguards

Our staff is dedicated to keeping PSC members safe, as well as to making PSC a fun, active place for kids.  In addition to supervising the pools, our lifeguards interact with our members by running daily activities, swim lessons, and special events throughout the summer.  Our lifeguards also participate in frequent in-service training to make sure their skills stay sharp.  In July, we will welcome back Plymouth Ambulance for our 4th annual training day working with EMS staff.

This is one of our favorite in-services, and it is a great way to learn from and interact with the PSC Lifeguards medics who would respond to an emergency at our club.  In addition, the lifeguards participate in rescue demonstrations to familiarize our members with the staff and the skills they would use during an emergency.  The pictures below are from our first in-service this summer, during which the guards participated in a fun warm-up relay, whistle drills, pool water chemical testing, active drowning and passive submerged victim rescues, and a head/neck/back injury rescue which included removal from the pool with a backboard.  Be sure to check back for more photos throughout the summer!