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Executive Board

 Seth Rosen

Vice President of Administration: Eligio Sgaramella

Vice President of Operation: Jerry Fisher

Secretary: Fran Fullerton

Treasurer: Jerry Fisher

Board Members: Alicia Fabrizio, Chuck Daniels, Eligio Sgaramella, Ellen Braun, Fran Fullerton, Gail Kalbach, Janice Selig, Jerry Fisher, Jessica Boyer, Randi Stante, Seth Rosen, Tom Dolan

Minutes Access

Facility Managers

Frank Mckeever

Ashley Mckeever


Activities and Entertainment

Janice Selig

Committee Members:  
Chuck Daniels, Jerry Fisher, Alicia Fabrizio

Facility Maintenance and Improvements

Chuck Daniels, Seth Rosen

Committee Members:
Jerry Fisher, Ellen Braun

Safety Committee 
(Special COVID-19)

Jessica Boyer

Committee Members: 
Randi Stante, Tom Dolan, Eligio Sgaramella, Alicia Fabrizio, Ellen Braun

Membership and Relations

Fran Fullerton

Committee Members:
Randi Stante, Gail Kalbach, Chuck Daniels, Jessica Boyer, Alicia Fabrizio

Marketing and Technology

Eligio Sgaramella

Committee Members:
Janice Selig, Jessica Boyer

If you would like to join the board or volunteer in any of the committees please email us here.